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UK Thunderbolt Lot #2350 th $ 175
This is a RARE 1st issue UK thunderbolt! The box features a Magic Marxie Symbol, the only horse box like this that I have ever seen. It features a 1st issue UK thunderbolt with black hooves and has the UK stamp. The box is a C7-C8, missing a side section, The horse is a C8-C9, pretty nice overall. If you want a rare box, this one is for you.
Whip (Buckboard, Covered Wagon) Lot #2387 th $ 25
Mint old store stock vintage whip! These are used in the buckboards and covered wagons for the Marx figure line. These are never used from a previous warehouse find! Look no further for a mint whip!
Zorro and Tornado Whip! Lot #2507 th $ 12
The following is a whip from Zorro and Tornado Marx sets. The whip is silver soft poly plastic, in nice shape, soft, not brittle, perfect for completed your Zorro set.
Pancho Pony (Canadian) Lot #2661 bf $ 89
Sorrell color W/ Canadian Box! Box is a C8-8+, Horse is a C8 but would have been a C9 but tail was repaired (Actually happened in Customs). comes with full balck tack A real beauty for your collection!
Thundercolt Lot #2665 bf $ 29
Loose, C9, brown Thundercolt, looks great for display! Free US shipping!
Thundercolt Lot #2752 sb $ 25
Brown C8+- C9, Displays great
Thundercolt Lot #2753 sb $ 21
Brown C8+- C9, Displays great
Pancho Pony - Gray! Lot #2932 th $ 49
Loose, Custom Dappled gray Pancho with gelding parts completely redone mane and forelock and new ears. Modified mane is parted down the middle and lies on both sides of his neck. I think he looks cool! A neat artistic approach! Add $25 for a set of Sealed vintage black Pancho tack! FREE US SHIPPING!
Mattel Barbie Horse Dancer Lot #3065 th $ 85
Vintage brown 1970 Mattel BARBIE’S HORSE DANCER! Box is a C9, Horse is a C9+. This was sold for Barbies back in the early 70s, Complete with base, horse and with tack. See pic for what is included. Free US shipping, please ask any questions you may have as I do not get these in stock all that often. Free US shipping!
Buckskin Lot #3066 th $ 149
W/ box, brown version,. 1st issue Box is a C8-C8+, has creases on the end, some crushing from storage, comes with original insert and a Nice C9 horse. Has minor wear pretty clean, mint tack in brown factory sealed! This is a nice Buckskin for your collection!
Flame Lot #3069 th $ 147
Flame W/ Box, Box is a C7+-C8-, missing top flap, horse is a C9, comes with full 15/15 pcs of sealed brown tack! A real beauty for your collection. Boxed Flames have been scarce lately. The first I have had for a few years in brown boxed. My favorite posed Marx horse.
Thundercolt Lot #3114 th $ 27
Thundercolt horse, palomino color, C8 C8+, minor wear from age could use a little cleaning. nice for us for display ! The tail is intact!
Pancho Pony Lot #3115 th $ 68
W/ Box! Box is a C7-C7+ missing one end flap, the Pony is cream/palomino color comes with a full set of Pancho pony tack 8/8 pcs. See pictures of what you get not a bad poncho to start your collection.
Flame Lot #3116 th $ 132
Brown version, W/ HTF Box, Box is aC8-C9-, displays great, Horse is a C8+-C9, minor wear/melts, full 15/15 tack! The horse has brown horse tack for the brown Flame. Very nice sample flame for your collection.
Thunderbolt Lot #3118 th $ 84
Thunderbolt, palomino version with 1st issue box! Box is C7+, stains and corner damage, horse is a C7- missing a hoove, stands up as seen seen in the photo the horse comes complete 15/15 pcs of tack. This is the early box, NO letter designation, 1965-1966 with black painted hooves first horse! Orig instruction sheet. Looks great for the condition see pictures.Free Shipping
Pancho Pony Lot #3122 th $ 60
Loose, sorrel color, Full brown tack factory Sealed! C9 pony, looks and displays great!
Thunderbolt Unpainted! Lot #3124 th $ 120
Awesome reissue white semi transparent unpainted "ghost of lightening" Thunderbolt! Comes with three pieces of Indian gear in plasty marks red color. If you would like I can throw in a Geronimo for additional $35 making it a full set of red accessories just let me know after check out.I ordered this unpainted, it is a very cool horse!
Thundercolt Lot #3167 fc $ 39
Thundercolt with box, brown color. Horse is a C9 condition in the box is in a C7 condition. Box has staining on one side and the other side is in pretty good condition see pictures of the set.
Thunderbolt Lot #3173 fc $ 45
thunderbolt horse palomino color. First issue horse with black hooves comes in a C6 box missing top flap horse is a C7 glued on tail melt marks and has some scratches comes with a full set of tack! Priced to move worth it for the tack! I can Tak $5 off without the horse (the horse adds much more to shipping)
Covered Wagon and Thunderbolt Set Lot #3189 fc $ 129
Covered Wagon with Box! Box is a C7+-C8 has some staining. Comes with Cover, wagon and horse, C8 overall. See Pics! Really nice starter wagon set! Broken Hitch missing whip. Orig instrux included.

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