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Sheriff Garrett (JWA Custom with Flocked Hair) Lot #3402 th $ 160
Johnny West adventure sheriff Garrett figure with a nice custom box set. Comes with a really nice reproduction version of the Jonny West adventure box with instructions and Becker card. I will include a free poster by request all you have to do is ask. Comes with a really nice vintage sheriff Garrett C9. Comes with a set of reissue accessories in light blue polyethylene and one complete soft rubbery vinyl set is in white. The custom box also comes with a new produced set of Instructions included as well!
Jed Gibson Custom Lot #3403 th $ 143
Plastimarx Jed Gibson! The following is a plastimarx boxed custom set that comes with a really nice re-issue box with instruction, and color guide! Comes with the re-issue Jed Gibson and set of accessories as shown. The hard accessories are silver from Mexico and the vinyl as mix cream and brown CXR custom produced.  See pictures of just how beautiful this set is.Dont let it pass!
Chief Cherokee Lot #3404 th $ 178
Best to the West chief Cherokee comes with original box. Best of the west box is a C8 has some tape on it as shown. Figure is a C9-C9+. Comes with 36/36 Indian accessories! Complete all vintage all nice. Copy of Johnny West adventure instructions included and an original Best of the West guide!
Jesse James Custom Lot #3405 th $ 159
Boxed Custom Jesse James figure set. Comes with a really nice custom Jesse James box, using original artwork redition. Figure is a really nice gray CXR Jesse body. These figures were molded in gray and sold over a decade ago and getting kind of hard to find. Comes with a mix of black accessories as shown most are CXR accessories. Even the holster is a really nice vinyl CXR cobra style holster complete with belt buckle Derringer pistol and knife. 15 outlet black accessories come with this custom set looks really nice ready for display. My favorie CXR figure! Free US priority Shipping included!
Jed Gibson Custom Lot #3407 th $ 153
Boxed Jed Gibson custom set wiht beautiful two par design box, baker card insert, color gued and instrux. The figure comes with CXR head and hands and a vintage steel blue cavalry body. Comes with 13 accessories as shown all mixed reissue and CXR colors. Please see pictures of how beautiful this custom Jed Gibson figure looks.with not only box but all paperwork. Perfect to fill that void for a Jed that looks vintage.
Sheriff Garrett Custom Lot #3408 th $ 152
Custom Best of The West Boxed Sheriff Garret! Set comes with a nice C9 figure with 26/26 sealed black and selver reissue accessories! Also included is a beatiful repro Best of The West BOTW box with color guide and instructions. See pics how nice this looks! Better than vintage!
Thunderbolt Sorrel Lot #3410 th $ 92
Thunderbolt Horse in sorrel color from a wagon set . No wheels, C8-C8+ has some melts under saddle. Comes with Full set of black vinatge western tack all vintage displays beautiful. 15/15 pieces of black tack . Free Shipping and insurance in the US can be a $40-50 value.
Buckskin Lot #3412 th $ 79
Brown buckskin horse C8-8+ comes with a full set 15/15 pieces of black western tack. Horse displays wonderful, small piece of wire was used to help keep the neck up but can be removed if desired. It is a very discreet idea of using the fine wire on these horses to make the necks  more poseable!
Jane West with Flame Boxed Combo! Lot #3413 th $ 229
Jane West flame combination set comes with a C9 Jane West figure with 35/36 cream and brown accessories. Missing only the lipstick! .Comes with a Palomino Flame horse C8+ condition with 15/15 pieces of brown western tack. Set looks and displays great see pictures ! Free US shipping included which is min $40 in the Us !
Thunderbolt Lot #3414 th $ 85
Brown thunderbolt Horse comes in C8 condition with minimal scratches however has melt marks under saddle hidden. Comes with a really nice re-issued smoky gray black tack 15/15 pcs! The tack looks beautiful on this horse see pics!
Flame Lot #3415 th $ 89
 Brown Flame horse C9 condition minor scratches. Comes with 15/15 pieces of light brown tack. Note most of the tack appears to be the vintage lighter brown Carmel color harder to find. Few pieces may be Canadian or reissue hard to tell. This is how I received a horse again appears to be all vintage great set for your collection. Hard to find lighter brown tack like this. Older issue Flame horses came with the light tan tack.
Pancho Pony Lot #3416 th $ 52
Palomino Pancho pony ! Horse comes in C8 condition with some melt marks see pictures, Has partial tack notice missing reins, saddle missing part of T holding saddle. Decent pony for your display. Free US shipping which is getting pricy.
Thunderbolt Lot #3417 th $ 89
Brown thunderbolt C8+-C9 condition, comes with 15/15 pieces of brown Cavalry tack! This is a great horse for your Fort Apache fighters series! Looks awesome see pictures.Free US shipping on our orders!
Buckskin Lot #3418 th $ 79
Brown buckskin horse comes in C8+ condition main issue is there was a small wire added to keep neck propped up can be removed if you desire. Otherwise this is one nice horse. Comes with complete light caramel reissue tack made in the USA, FOJ created. Not much of this tack left in circulation these days. Looks great see pictures.FREE US SHIPPING!
Covered Wagon and Thunderbolt Set Lot #3419 th $ 149
Best of the West Covered wagon with sorrel Thunderbolt set. Comes complete. Note hitch hook repair, and a tab is flawed on the fence gate, Comes with reins, harness, etc even the whip! Note the seat and toper all intact and orig to boot. This is one nice large set all vintage. This is a large set and FREE US shipping baked in!
Valor The Silver Knights Horse Lot #3420 th $ 93
Horse comes complete as shown, Really nice valor with complete armour tabs really nice one may be flwed but they are all very much intact otherwise.
Bravo the Gold Knights horse! Lot #3421 th $ 94
Horse comes complete as shown, Really nice Bravo with complete armour few tabs flawed, but they are very much intact otherwise. Look at pics of this nice vintage horse!
Silver the Lone Rangers Horse! Lot #3422 th $ 65
The Lone Ranger's series Silver horse comes in C8+-C9; full tack as shown, clean silver minor scratces. Great for your collection, see pictures of what you get! This is a pretty nice example of the silver horse.
Phantom of the Opera Aurora Glow in the dark Model Kit Lot #3423 th $ 145
Built up Aurora Phantom of the model kit, Instrux date it at 1969. Nice job painted to me but you be the judge on quality. This is how I receved the kit. See pictures and email or message me questions. Free US shipping with insurance
Corral Fence Lot #3424 th $ 52
Really nice set of Vintage Corral Fence for your display! Have not had much of this for the last few years.
Captain Action Phantom Cave! Lot #3425 th $ 120
Originally made for IDEAL Captain Action Phantom figures, this set can be used for any custom. Designed for 1/6 scale figures.Comes with many little accessory details as shown.
Artemus Gordon Custom from The Wild Wild West Lot #3426 th $ 154
Boxed Custom Artemus Gordon Figures ! This one comes with a gray Johnny West body! The reissue cowboy style body with custom painted Artemus soft viny like head, note the elbow has a stress split on elbow. The set has a cool Artemus Gordon set of instrux with a mix of black reissure and CXR accessories. Also includes a CXR duster as a bonus. See pics of what you get in this cool custom. As a reminder ALL of our boxes can be purchased separate without figures; see our custom boxes.
Cowboy Kid Lot #3427 th $ 145
VINTAGE original Cowboy Kid! The UK exclusive is vintage and comes with 5 vinyl accessories as shown. Also comes with a frree really nice rendition tribute to the UK box. Instrictions copy included.
Geronimo Lot #3428 th $ 165
Sweet looking Johnny West Adventure Geronimo with full Custom box set! Comes with a C9 figure and a COMPLETE set of accessories! 37/37 accessories, al yellow vinyl is there! See pictures of this really nice set. Includes custom box , card inlay, instructions and a Color guide.Looks better than the original see pics! Best part is you get all accessories.
April Dancer the Saloon Girl Custom Lot #3430 th $ 155
Custom Boxed April Dancer Western West Renegade Outlaw of Dodge City Figure! The set features an April Dancer Sculpt as an outlaw Saloon Girl. She comes with a new custom BOTW box with customized new instructions. She is outfitted with a vintage Jane west in Turquouse Body. C8+ over all condition. The reissue vinyl is mixed purple and black vinyl, with mixed silver and or bronze hard accessories. Over 30 Accs included note it is a full reissue Marx vinyl group with 10 CXR hard accs.
Bruce Wayne Custom (Adam West Batman) Lot #3431 th $ 92
Bruce Wayne custom figure by Classic Plastic! Comes with a really good Adam West sculpt head on a C8 Mike Hazard body. Accessories include an CXR duster overcoat , hat, and face disguise. See pictures
Johnny West (MOD Custom) Lot #3436 th $ 154
Custom MOD Green Canadian Johnny West with MOD box! Figure and accessories are reissue , accessories are brown vinyl aand gray polyethylene. Green figure is really nice. Comes with a Sweet Custom MOD Canadian Box with instrux! Look how nice this set looks!

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